Site Specific

Hawthorn Grove


In June 2011 Rosa was commissioned to create a functional outdoor space.

Views from inside and out acts as a gate to pool area.

2600mm x 6mm mild steel panels.
powder coated and rust finish.

North Facing
Fixed Patterned Gate mild steel laser cut, framed up with corten backing
approx. 1.1 width and 1.75 + in height.

South Facing
Fixed and swinging 2 sectioned lasercut patterned mild steel gate with corten backing.
(1.75 + in height)

West Facing
3 – 6 overlapping patterns in sections (approx 2.4m Height) infront of a corten backing fence line (corten fence height 1.75m).

'Rosa liaised with engineers to ensure structural guidelines. We loved that this work can be sighted  throughout the house. The multilayered approach to the design means that the shadows luminate both our indoor and outdoor spaces'