El Primer Pañuelo is the largest of a series of works related to Tato’s El Pañuelo series. It is a permanent work at Crown Casino Melbourne in the entrance of the Teak VIP Room.

Rosa draws much inspiration from small treasured objects that are usually inherited and is influenced by Alexander Girard, who writes about "treasuring patterns and motifs as they remind us of people, places and moments we once knew and loved...” and so Rosa delved into this notion of personal memory.

Rosa’s work is richly embedded in tradition. She draws inspiration from the history of the modern world and the culture that surrounds her. The constructed patterns and motifs are reminiscent of people, places and moments once known and loved. Her practice is a way of identifying and connecting with important memories and past events. Authenticity and authorship in the making of a unique object is also a very integral part of the work.

Rosa’s sculptural and installation art is a marriage of beauty and refinement with complex and challenging intercultural dialogue. Through her experience of art research, production and public installation in China and Australia, Rosa’s work has been exposed to perhaps the most rigorous test; the challenge of international exposure and its relevance to culturally diverse audiences. Rosa’s body of work exhibited at Axia Modern Art in 2009 extended her practice beyond the ‘Tu Don’ series of works, drawing on her own Spanish heritage and iconography whilst further exploring tensions between material forms and ephemeral shadow play. As a consequence Bates Smart Architects commissioned Rosa to create a work relating to this series for Crown Casino Melbourne.

The production of these pieces was technically complex, a challenge to which Rosa responded with her typical passion bringing skilled trades people into her process, pushing through the usual industry barriers and reworking her materials rigorously to achieve high regard with our audience. To Rosa’s credit much attention was given to her work by our clients in the design industry due her masterful approach to the complexities of production and rich aesthetic, formal and cultural dialogues.'


David Fitzsimmons
Creative Urban Places Program Lead I Arts Melbourne

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This artwork was commissioned by Batesmart Architects and AXIAMODERNART

3.5 M X 5 M