.artist. .public art. .site specific. .text & textiles. .nature .

.artist. .public art. .site specific. .text & textiles. .nature .

.artist. .public art. .site specific. .text & textiles. .nature ..artist. .public art. .site specific. .text & textiles. .nature ..artist. .public art. .site specific. .text & textiles. .nature .


MAGPIE SERIES; As seen in The World of Interiors


Limited Edition

Created during a 12 month Artist in Residence, as seen in The World Of Interiors, in response to the unprecedented devastation caused by the ongoing bushfires, any sales of  ‘My Maggie’ edition will benefit the Bush Fire relief. 50% sales will be donated to 


Voile. Mixed Media.

These works vary in their width & can be mounted unframed with a magnet system.


Drawing & Stitching

Her process is multilayered: the final work reprinted on voile and subtle hand stitched threads flow from the work.

Collage, cutting, drawing, stitching, sewing, reprinting, stitching some more, reprinting..

'The needle is my coloring in texta.. the capture my Maggie's beauty.'



Art donation to the Somers Community Bushfire Relief Evening.

100% of the final Silent Auction bid will be donated to the Red Cross Bush Fire Relief Fund.

Title: Walking on the Sand
Medium: Mixed Media

THE ARTIST - observer - maker - facilitator


Artistic outcomes

Artistic outcomes


'While personal experience is at the centre of her art practice, it is often through outward connections to community or site that her work unfolds. She consistently explores the tensions between material form and ephemeral light/shadow interplay and her work seamlessly crosses between the platforms of public art and personal professional practice.

Subtle collaborations, impressions and triggers, chance meetings, synchronous moments, and often intimate conversations are crucial to understanding her work.'


Dr Sally Northfield
Education Program Coordinator

United Nations Association Australia (Victoria) 


Women’s Mural Documentation Project 

“Rosa’s ability to decipher, interpret and reflect personal stories through symbol, pattern, motif, light and text define her art practice. As she explores and experiments with a variety of materials, whether steel, concrete, felt, or a subversive stitch or two, her stunning art-making practice, enacted consistently using light, photography, collage, cutting, textiles - is an invitation to (re)consider the community and environs of your site & project.”

Artistic outcomes

Artistic outcomes

Artistic outcomes


'Her CV will demonstrate created works which provide specific environments where she focuses on research, the production and the exhibition of cultural projects, especially those ones related to history, culture, community and their environment. 

She has been invited to present & exhibit works to celebrate the Women’s Art Register (WAR) 40 Year Celebration. This was quite the installation at the City Library. Rosa has been committed to meeting with manufacturers of materials in Australia so to develop a portfolio of eco-friendly materials that can be integrated into future commissions and site-specific art projects.

A highly committed and resourceful artist in her art production as well as meeting timelines and architectural, structural and building guidelines. Whilst she demonstrates with ongoing independent exhibition program, she gives any new project the same dedication."

(See images ‘El Pañuelo’ & Wyndham Public Art Commission.)'

David Fitzsimmons 

(previously at Wyndham City & Axia Modern Art)

Creative Urban Places Program Lead I Arts Melbourne
City of Melbourne

Artworks Title: El Pañuelo Crown Casino Melbourne 

in-consultation with Chinese Community of Melbourne

Photo: Joe Vittorio

Birds & water

Artistic outcomes

Awards. Residencies. Commissions.


Rosa completed a 12 month Artist in residence (AIR) at 

Park Victoria's Coolart Wetlands

She exhibited works inside the Homestead and in the Minsmere Birdhide & Crake Birdhide in both May  & November 2018. 

The residency culminated  in  a day where the public were encouraged to discover the artwork in and around the Coolart Homestead and Wetlands property.

The Maggie and Bird series were created in these surrounds and editions of these works are for sale. Rosa is  currently creating a series of wall hangings and experimenting with range of materials such as carpet, velvet, and silk.

Collaborations in relation to  the bird series to develop a range of textiles welcome.

Photo: Stan Fridlind

Julie Ebbott

President, Friends of Coolart

'Through a process of consultation, immersion and the gathering of local stories Rosa Mar Tato Ortega produces an artistic interpretation of the site. Her artistic approach is organic and unique, professional, whilst following processes and organisational guidelines. She invites the viewer to individually experience the work from a different perspective. It can be enlightening.'

Awards. Residencies. Commissions.

Awards. Residencies. Commissions.

Awards. Residencies. Commissions.


She has been the recipient of several Artist-in-Residence grants; a research grant in Shanghai through RMIT School of Art and ECNU Shanghai, a funded residency in various locations around Menzies Shire in remote Western Australia, including a month long artist in residence at NGV Studio in 2012 with 10 other women culminating in  an exhibition for International Womens Day.

Rosa was also the recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts’ ArtStart Grant & George Alexander Foundation Scholarship


NGV Studio Residency

Curated by Deborah Ratcliffe & Rowena Martinich


2003 - 2020

Awards. Residencies. Commissions.

2003 - 2020


Rosa has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally and has received important public, private and site-specific commissions in her home state of Victoria, Australia.

She was commissioned by BateSmart Architects to create a permanent public artwork at the entrance of the VIP Teak Room at  Melbourne's Crown Casino. 



International Digital Print Exhibition 

New York  Hall of Science 

New York City USA 


Awards. Residencies. Commissions.

2003 - 2020


Rosa also works as a Media Facilitator, facilitating various clients in the realms of  Performing Arts, Law, Gender Identity, as well as providing a VIP Liaison service given her qualifications as a NAATI interpreter.