Bundoora homestead window commission

Rosa welcomes invitations to create site specific work.   

Her work is richly embedded in tradition. She draws inspiration from the history of the modern world and the culture that surrounds her. The constructed patterns and motifs are reminiscent of people, places and moments once known and loved. Her practice is a way of identifying and connecting with important memories and past events. Authenticity and authorship in the making of a unique object is also a very integral part of the work. 


'Potential impermanence

In this work artist Rosa considers the world of flora, that which is 

both beautiful and bizarre and ripe with potential. The idea of mindful planting was also a focus when making the work.

‘I am interested in the strange characteristics of flora. I investigate their form, resilience, nutritional value and cultural significance. I also have a fascination with weeds and the complexity of seeds, their shape, toughness and ability to endure, their extreme survival. I have created bronze works related to my interest in the Moth vine (Araujia sericifera).

 It has a complex dispersal of seeds, a tough shell and is fragile, I consider it a time capsule of sorts.’