China Artist In Residence

Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship

Metal Series

The impact of the new and the old during a funded artist residency in Shanghai in 2006 and 2007 enabled Rosa to discover the ‘Tu Don’ (a traditional piece of Chinese lingerie) a unique, rare, traditional Chinese object symbolised by another fragment of time. The ‘Tu Don Series‘ (metal, paper, felt & rubber) touches on the idea of its current silent preservation in a constantly changing environment.

The metal Tu Don Series is the last of all the works created. It is based on exchange, intimacy and identity.

Rosa’s metal ‘ Tu Don’ series was given a special commendation at the NEM Art Summit in Barcelona Spain 2010.

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felt series

'The unexpected discourse and social interaction was unanticipated.'

Rosa's use of the historical and cultural artefact, the inherited object (a continual theme) to create or perhaps recreate the art object. The provenance of family heirlooms: a bolt of antique Chinese lingerie is intrinsic to the meaning of the ‘Tu Don felt series’ installation. Rosa meticulously recorded the preservation of the ‘Tu

Don’, recreating its beauty and photographing its re-installation whilst in Shanghai during the second part of her residency. As the object is recreated as an art object, it is also preserved shifting it from an artefact to something else entirely.

Rosa engaged with the Chinese clothesline, an intimate space, in public chaos. 

The unexpected discourse and social interaction was unanticipated.

Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship