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On 20 June 2010, Rosa was one of three RMIT Fine Arts Graduates to depart for Kalgoorlie to develop an Artist in Residence program in collaboration and support of The Shire of Menzies Council.

The Shire contributed funds to assist the artists deliver a quality program, where opportunities were explored that encouraged the development of artistic skills between themselves and the local community.

Three distinct workshops were held at diverse locations throughout the Shire in conjunction with the Remote Community School, Menzies Aboriginal Corporation and Morapoi Station.

Menzies, is a Western Australian mining and pastoral town in the Eastern goldfields, approx. 600 kms north east of Perth, (one and a half hours north of Kalgoorlie.) In art circles Menzies is well known and often associated with Antony Gormley’s Lake Ballard installation “The Insiders”. The Shire of Menzies is the largest in Western Australia and covers a total area of 128,353 square kms. The landscape and environment is rich with cultural history and vastly unpopulated.

As President of the Shire of Menzies W.A. we are pleased about the long term benefits and we believe that this program has significant cultural outcomes and we envisage that this initiative will open doors to other artists (Australian or internationals) to explore, visit and return to the Shire of Menzies on a yearly basis to give continuity to the cultural exchange that took place during the residency.

Greg Dwyer
President of Menzies Shire

Rosa, Alex Prado and Angela Leech share an appreciation for nature, the land, making art and the opportunity to be involved with indigenous groups in regional Western Australia.