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Rosa was one of five finalists of this award. The Toyota Community Spirit Artist Travel Award invites artists to conceive a project involving travel either interstate or overseas that they believe has the potential to significantly enhance the development of their artistic career.

'Glance at the Sun' a 3 meter mild steel work, is part of the Ode to Hildegard von Bingen series.

According to Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 17 September 1179), to whom this work is dedicated to, the wheel is the symbol best suited to explaining the working of the macrocosmic plan. Hildegard was a religious leader, visionary, composer, poet, naturalist and writer of medical treatises.

Combining resonant interpretations of Hildegard’s “wheel” and her own research relating to the seasons, Rosa re-interprets the writings and knowledge of Hildegard within a contemporary framework. This outdoor work is an extension of her investigation of ‘fusion’ while questioning the relationship and transformation of the four seasons. The fusion of all four elements is what emerged to be a subtle preoccupation in this artwork.

Over the period of the 6 month exhibition, Rosa was interested in the potential of growth through the work. The work was photographed on a fortnightly basis. This documentation of time and space, solid and void, weight and weightlessness is important to Rosa's research.

Glance at the Sun 2011
mild steel (rust/patina finish)
3000mm (diameter) X 3mm